I’ll take savasana, please.

I’ve been doing yoga for years and I used to hate savasana, the corpse pose at the end. What a bore. Lying there like a dead body for five minutes waiting for the bell or chime to ring.  I liked yoga for it’s movements, not it’s stillness.

These days I love savasana. It’s the best part of a yoga session. It’s what I earn and feel entitled to after bending, twisting and contorting my body for an hour. I can fall into a deep state in five minutes that feels like a 20 minute nap. All my worries, all my issues, all my brain busyness fades away.

Can I just skip all the other asanas and go directly to corpse? Damn it, yes I can. It’s my new permission-based yoga practice. Drop and give me five— make that five minutes of nap, please.

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A lifetime of love, family, friends, work and play and I'm just getting started. Growing better every day with gratitude, attitude and reckless hope and humor. At least, that's where I'm aiming.
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