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Yikes! I’ve been blogging non-stop for two months!

When I took up the postaday2011 challenge, I didn’t realize the commitment I’d made. There were days when I slogged through my posts trying to dredge up inspiration. There was the time I cried into the wilderness wondering if anyone … Continue reading

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Hidden stairs of S.F. & other surprises

With friends in town, we decided to do the city. I’d heard about the hidden stairs walks and so googled to find them. We ended up with a spectacular and quirky trip up the Filbert steps (all 384 of them) … Continue reading

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Sweetness of a Saturday Morning

Unplanned Saturday mornings have a special fragrance. The scent of coffee made at home instead of grabbed at work. The smell of eggs & onions sizzling in a pan (and on truly decadent winter Saturdays like today– French Toast with real … Continue reading

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twittering or frittering?

Birds perched on a telephone wire busily chirp away….twittering to pass the time. People perched on their chairs tweet away…mostly frittering (aka wasting) time with their latest random thought. Or maybe not. I’m not a big tweeter and yet I … Continue reading

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Google spices up recipe search. Death of cookbooks?

The end of the world as we know it? The end of cookbooks maybe. I just read on Mashable that you now can click Google Recipe as a search term and find recipes by ingredient, chef, nutritional content and much more.  It’s … Continue reading

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If a blog post falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Here’s the zen question of the day. If you post and no one comes to your site, does it matter? If you don’t post and people come, does it matter? Are you posting for yourself or for others? When I … Continue reading

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Reading while driving? Not OK. Listening while driving? Fabulous!

I hate driving. A few years ago, when I traded my local job for a 45 minute commute, I needed a way to pass time without freaking out in heavy freeway traffic. The solution– books recorded on CD. As it … Continue reading

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