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Pistachio dreams. Italy vacations.The flavor of memory and desire.

Baskin Robins makes a pistachio ice cream with almonds. Others use cherry or almond syrup or synthetic flavorings to simulate pistachio taste. Hagen Daz pistachio ice cream is white. Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with these people?  The perfect pistachio … Continue reading

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It’s hot in here. Could someone turn down my body’s thermostat?

When I was little, my mom would put a hot water bottle under our blankets to warm the bed on cold winter nights. Today, I think you should just put a want ad in Craiglist for a menopausal woman! My … Continue reading

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My beloved Moleskine gets a Fast Company rave.

Moleskine is clearly one of my top tag cloud categories. It’s my go to analog notebook in this increasingly digital life. Moleskines are real, tangible and touchable. Mine is filled with random thoughts, wine picks, book reads, references, and, most … Continue reading

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Flash fiction for a bad work day.

It’s been such a day. The picky, anal people were out in force like spring pollen, spreading their spores. “One wants me to make the headline longer. The other wants me to add Phase I pricing to the lead. Like anybody … Continue reading

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Coffee lovers –read Liz’ post while drinking your favorite cuppa joe.

By now, you know I need my mug of coffee daily to get my brain in gear. Bought me a vente right after yoga this Sunday morning. And even if it seems counterintuitive to caffeinate after destressing in countless downhill … Continue reading

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Get thee to a library.

If you haven’t visited your local library, you should. It’s the last bastion of booklovers with its delerious array of books on every conceivable topic. But it’s not a neanderthol institution either. I borrow books on cd from them for … Continue reading

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The hat that is no more, alas.

A couple of weeks ago, I joyously posted about our visit to the S.F. Goorin Brothers hat store where my  haberdashery-shy hubby actually bought a hat. A newsboy cap. It looked great on him. He wore it once on a … Continue reading

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