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Even Shakespeare wrote some clunkers

As a marketer who makes a living by my words, it was reassuring to be reminded that we can’t all be brilliant all the time (or even most of the time). Last weekend, we drove with friends to the Oregon … Continue reading

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There’s a pack rat in every couple

There is no supermarket receipt, movie ticket,  trip brochure or stained t-shirt too old or banal for my guy. He cannot part with a single thing. We have piles of papers that collect and procreate on every surface he commandeers. … Continue reading

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Hard Truths For Mature Humans: A post that deserves to go viral

Hard Truths for Mature Humans.  This post on Internet Therapy about 32 things every grown up should know by now is so funny, clever and true that you should go there right now and read it and laugh. Don’t believe … Continue reading

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If you Pingg them, they will come!

I’ve sent my last evite. My new online invitation fave is Pingg. The designs are beautiful and contemporary (and there are oodles for every occasion). The invites are free but for a $10 Ping Plus upgrade, they eliminate the annoying … Continue reading

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How Oreos Got Their Groove and other Edible Design Tales

As a certified Oreo (and Hydrox) fan, I never spent a minute contemplating the intricate patterns of these iconic chocolate wafer sandwich cookies. No, I have been consumed with carefully clicking their sweet white centers in an eating ritual unchanged … Continue reading

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Field trip to ‘Gluten Free Girl’ and her growing gluten free life!

It’s Friday and I’m feeling the need for a little field trip over to a lovely blog called “Gluten Freee Girl.” Only it’s not that anymore: It’s now called Gluten Free Girl and the Chef !   Who would guess … Continue reading

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When the situation calls for ‘Emergency Chocolate’ I’m prepared!

Sometimes nothing but a mouthful of chocolate will do to take the edge off of disasters or disappointments let alone stave off sugar withdrawal DTs. Apparently, I’m not alone in needing emergency chocolate.  Dr. Indulgence sells an emergency dark choc0late bar for … Continue reading

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