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Need a creativity recharge? Local studios & schools offer inspiration galore

Two years ago, I took a  “Round Robin” workshop at The Writing Salon in lower Potrero. It was fantastic. I wrote steadily every day for six weeks because I was paired with another writer who was depending on me for … Continue reading

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Default brinkmanship & going to hell in a hand basket

This is the summer of our discontent. Along with the heat, the tempers are flaring. And tempers are over the top in Washington D.C. right about now. Will we default and bring ruin upon our national reputation and credibility worldwide? … Continue reading

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Do you lie to the treadmill about how old you are?

Whenever, I work out at the gym, I become a flagrant liar. I routinely program the treadmill and elliptical trainer cardio machines with false information about my age and weight. Why do I do this? It’s just a machine. It … Continue reading

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Vitamix vs. Kitchen Aid. Let the games begin. (or how I wasted a Sunday morning)

All the cooking magazines summer issues are featuring grilling recipes up the wazoo which is great if you’re a carnivore…but really… how many times do I want to barbecue a watermelon. Like once. However, the mags are also featuring lots … Continue reading

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Chimichurri, my new summer staple and ay carumba it’s good

Spice up your summer grilling with a simple, uncooked sauce that’s an Argentinean staple: chimichurri.  It sounds exotic but is super healthy, tastes spectacular and makes everything look delectable.  Essentially, it’s made of loads of italian parsley mixed with olive … Continue reading

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What’s on your summer reading list? Add Shantaram.

When both your retired sister-in-law and your son’s 20 something girlfriend recommend the same book, that’s big. So, when I saw Shantaram  on CD at my local library, I grabbed it. Now, I wish I had a long road trip … Continue reading

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The best restaurant in San Francisco is in…Sausalito. Sushi Ran.

A year ago, one of my foodie friends revealed her favorite restaurant was Sushi Ran. Now, I’m as big a sushi fan as anyone but fish is fish, right? Not at Sushi Ran. The name is almost a misnomer because … Continue reading

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