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Painting myself out of a corner. A creative breakthrough

I have always wanted to paint but I am afraid. Afraid of wasting expensive canvas. Afraid of wasting art materials with my clumsy strokes. But how can I become a painter if I don’t use up art supplies? That’s the … Continue reading

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Iconic Icons for your Hurricane Irene tweeting and posting because this storm is going viral!

There’s a storm brewing and everyone wants to get into the act. Hurricane Irene is likely to be the most texted, tweeted, youtubed, flickred, blogged, tumblred & facebooked storm this century has seen. (Of course, none of these were available … Continue reading

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Groupon and its deal a day clones have sucked me in again.

Recently, I vowed on this blog to go cold turkey after being bombarded and swayed by the influx of deal coupons invading my email. However, the deals kept coming, and LivingSocial, Groupon, Homerun, Plum District, Ruelala, Jetsetter etc. have created … Continue reading

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The Perfect Smoothie. And it lowers your cholesterol, too.

A month after my post comparing Vitamix & KitchenAid, my old Oster died. The glass container simply cracked under the pressure of my daily smoothie habit. So off to Costco and Bed, Bath & Beyond I went. I bought 3 … Continue reading

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Newspapers may be dying but long live the New York Times

This Sunday’s New York Times reminds me anew of all the reasons I love my Sunday morning newspaper. There were so many articles this week that captured my imagination, my emotions and my heart. Lately, I’ve been quickly skimming the … Continue reading

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My stock market strategy for these trying times. I’m a Pollyanna Contrarian.

The sun will come out tomorrow. Yes it will. The stock market will rise again. Yes it will. In the darkest days of 2009, I started buying stocks. My theory: if you believe we are going to hell in a … Continue reading

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Why do we love Lululemon? Because they make our butts look good

There was no way I would spend $98 smackers on a pair of yoga pants. So, my kid bought me a pair for my birthday from Lululemon. Now I know what all the fuss is about! Now I know why … Continue reading

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