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Tis the Season for Fornasetti Lust

I was recently reminded of one of my favorite artists by, of all people, Ivanka Trump. In the November issue of Food & Wine, she lists Fornasetti’s  plates Themes and Variations among her favorite things. If you’ve ever seen a … Continue reading

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You need to be a caveman to eat the Paleo Diet. Confessions of a carboholic

I am not a caveman. I am a carbie…. a card carrying carbohydrate junkie. I tried the Paleo Diet (aka Caveman Diet) and flunked. Big time. Two weeks ago, I decided to finally deal with the pounds I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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What I learned on our Spain trip. Tips on the way we travel now.

Travel is supposed to be enlightening and enriching.  Some of the lessons of our recent Spain trip are not so much about what we saw but the way we travel now. When we travelled in our 20’s,  any old dump … Continue reading

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I love boots. And Zappos knows it!

You know the expression TMI( too much information) Well, I think there’s entirely TMI online about my love of boots! The search engine experts and online retailers  with their crawlers and bots, know my every online move…. and they shower me … Continue reading

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The Bridges of Calatrava

What is is about bridges that so excites our souls? Is it the promise of a gateway to another place? Is it the thrill of crossing above bodies of water suspended only by wires? From the romantic novel Bridges of … Continue reading

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Cain. Perry. Bachmann.Gingrich. It’s enough to send you to the travel channel.

I just can’t watch the morning news shows anymore. Or any cable news show. I can’t take any more of their daily diet of  dissecting the minutia of the day’s stupid, surreal or slanderous statements of the clowns running for … Continue reading

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