Tis the season to thank (and generously tip) your server.

The Waitress

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From the delicious blog  Actor Slash Human,  a wonderfully rich rant about being a server during the holidays from a working actress/server. The hungry hordes out shopping often forget that the person bringing them food is a ….person. Here’s a smidge of this funny, poignant and painfully true post about how to treat your server.

from Servant of Too Many Masters:

“There are a lot of things you learn being a server. I am determined that, whether they like it or not, all my future children will work in a restaurant for at least a few months. They will learn to multitask, keep a cool head under pressure, and most importantly, they will NEVER EVER mistreat people in the service industry….

For those of you who have never had to work a job like this, let me give you a few pointers on how A: not to be an ungrateful, rude asshole to people who are trying to help you out and earn a living and B: not be served the oldie-but-goodie loogie/snot sandwich….”

In this season of giving, a good reminder to tip generously and often. Servers live on their tips, not their salaries.

How much should you tip? Here’s a guide from Tip20


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