“Men are from Foursquare” post goes viral. Well, not quite!

Men are from Foursquare. Women are from Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I posted my take on the online battle of the sexes in social media. Today, a longer version of that post was published in Marketing Profs  Daily Fix as a guest post called “Men are from Foursquare. Women are from Facebook.”

So, I’m doing a little shameless self promotion today and please forgive me. While my original post got a goodly amount of visits compared to my typical traffic, the Marketing Profs post is national, reaching thousands more people. And it’s astonishing and gratifying how many people retweeted & forwarded that post and commented. Clearly, it struck a nerve. We may think that we are all highly evolved…in the online social media world, we still easily divide along the Mars/Venus axis

All I can say is vive la difference….  sexual behavior online is a writing topic with legs. So, just wait till I share my findings on Klout and Twitter. It’ll make Foursquare sound…well square!

About nobluehair

A lifetime of love, family, friends, work and play and I'm just getting started. Growing better every day with gratitude, attitude and reckless hope and humor. At least, that's where I'm aiming.
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