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Corporate Coffee: The trials of getting a good cup of joe at work

I am not a coffee snob or a cafe curmudgeon. Not a Blue Bottle devotee or a Nespresso Nexpert. I’m just a working class gal who needs a strong cup of coffee to start her day & kick the ol … Continue reading

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The Story of Beautiful Girl. When a book makes you cry

Just finished a book that left me breathless and in tears. Not because it was the most extraordinary story, nor the most brilliantly written novel, nor a patent tear-jerker. The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon was something else entirely. … Continue reading

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This is your brain on the internet.

We know we spend (waste) too much time on the internet. Are we smarter, happier, more connected? You know the answer and this awesome Infographic tells why. Confession, I’m a sucker for infographics since straight up data is more than … Continue reading

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