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From morning person to midnight rambler. Night sweats 1. Sleep 0

I used to be a morning person. Rose early, jumped out of bed. Completed a vigorous morning walk before I even woke the kids for school. Those days are long gone. The mid-life years  of night sweats and bouts of … Continue reading

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Biking the Iron Horse Trail. Part 2

A year ago, we ventured into the East Bay to ride the Iron Horse Trail from Walnut Creek south. We managed to ride about 3.5 miles each way with a grand total of 7 miles. We–and our achy knees– were … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking pistachio gelato? Talenti to the rescue.

It’s a known fact that I’m a chocoholic. But that’s a craving  easily sated with candy, cookies, cakes and more. But I’m also a pistachio dessert freak and that’s a more serious problem.  Because once you’ve tasted pistachio gelato and … Continue reading

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