Gray Panthers turn 40

This is not your grandma’s Gray Panthers. Promoting senior rights and issues for 40 years and now fighting to protect Social Security for us boomers. Support them, follow them and be gray and proud: or follow  on facebook.

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Twitter Ed.

Learning twitter best practices from nonprofit pro Heather at Diosa Communications: @diosacomm or

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Fifty & Fierce– GMA hosts turn the big 5-0

Robin Roberts  and George Stephanopoulis are changing decades and the show is all about making the most of this. This ain’t your mother’s 50 is what they claim. Here’s some of Robin’es video.  They are great role models for active, dynamic aging that’s not based on “filling & killing” your face as one of their guests called it but embracing your changing beauty.

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last days at home

Great article in the New York Times today about helping the dying create creative home environments “home cocoons” for the their last days.  Here’s a quote:
Virginia Fry, a counselor who has been the director of the Hospice and Palliative Care Council of Vermont for 30 years, believes people should have a bucket list for the environment where they spend their last days — including what it should look like, and how it should sound and smell. Smell is particularly important because the odors of illness can be intrusive, Ms. Fry said. Often, people try to mitigate that problem by putting out bowls of potpourri or dabbing essential oils on light bulbs.

We of the noblue hair won’t be going quietly into that good night…but we’ll be going with authenticity and as much control as we can muster.

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let your grey locks grow…

Rapunzel, let down your golden (or rather grey) hair. I’m not cutting my hair anytime soon. You can’t make me. Lengthy locks are not the private reserve of the young. More of us are lettin it all hang down.  The New York Times reported on this trend last weekend in “WhyCan’t Middle-Aged Women have long hair.” Two of my favorite famous long hairs: Lauren Hutton & Helen Mirren.

Are your resisting shearing off your hair? Have a great pic with long hair? Grey, colored or whatever…as long as it’s not blue hair rinse! Send it along and we’ll start posting.

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